Do You Have Some Question About PoE Ranger

Have to admit that Path of Exile is really a great game, however, you know, good games are generally not too simple. Recently, I saw collectors of path of exile currency in PoE forum have some problems about tornado shot of ranger. Therefore, I hope the following tips about ranger will help you.

Path of Exile

1) Chain is very nice for clearing packs, but it ruins your single target DPS. With a ton of arrows and no chain tornado shot has OK single target damage. If you’re looking to kill bosses work on getting a dying sun, a six linked barrage, barrage helmet enchant and good dps overall.

2) The lioneye jewel usually goes in the socket right above acrobatics and it allows you to take the claw nodes which also give leech. This saves you points as you won’t need to take the leech cluster in the duelist area. If you don’t take Vaal Pact, you could eliminate that entire section of the tree and pick up deadly draw instead.

3) Regarding the lioneyes jewel, it’s not the most efficient in an end game tree. Most builds with the lioneyes + claw nodes gives them 14% increased dps + hp/mana leech at the cost of 1 jewel slot + 5 skill points. This is fine in early league because it’s hard to find good abyss jewels.

4) Once you can afford better jewels, it’s better to get 2 GG jewels (can give 8-10% dps increase per jewel) and spend 1 point in mana leech and grab one more jewel slot. The life node in “blood drinker” has 4% life leech which is enough to cap ur leech rate once your dps is high.

5) Easiest way to boost you dps is probably respec phase acrobatics and only keep acrobatic, also spec out of the leech node under duelist. take the jewel spot for lions eyes and take the claw nodes. then spec out of some of your life nodes and take piercing shot above acrobatic. for your 6l, gmp- added light- added cold- crit chance-wed. Decent boss dps while keeping the clear speed up.

6) If you want to do high end bosses with tornado shot, then The helmet enchant that gives you additional secondary projectiles becomes a must have enchant (Very expensive). Since your primary projectiles can hit the boss only once (even with GMP), but 1 monster can be hit from each tornado explosions secondary projectile once, even tho its from 1 attack. So always aim a little bit behind your target so you get the initial hit and maximum number of secondary projectile hits.

There’s a lot more players guide on U4GM, so be sure to check out if you need some guides. Keeping an eye on poe chaos buy, you will get more gains.

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